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If you have purchased a copy of Fenton and Neil's book you can download your copy of AgenaRisk Lite  here.


Fenton and Neil's book: "Risk Assessment with Bayesian Networks"

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Note: Tutorials may be in PDF format.

There are 4 tutorials:

  • AgenaRisk Overview

    Before using AgenaRisk it is advisable to view this introductory video. Once AgenaRisk is installed there are four self documented models which we recommend you open, by clicking on 'Open Example Model' and then selecting the 'Introductory' folder.

  • Getting Started with AgenaRisk

    This tutorial teaches you the basics of using AgenaRisk. In the first part of the tutorial, you will learn how to open and use a simple model. In the second part, you will learn how to build this model from scratch.

  • Modelling with AgenaRisk

    This tutorial takes you through the process of building a realistic predictive model using AgenaRisk. In the process of building this model, you will learn about some of the more powerful features that AgenaRisk has to offer.

  • Advanced Modelling with AgenaRisk

    This tutorial illustrates how AgenaRisk can be used to build advanced and complex models. In the first half of the tutorial, you will learn how to build and use models that consist of more than one connected risk object. In the second half of the tutorial, you will explore NPT expressions and simulation in greater depth.