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Fenton and Neil's book: "Risk Assessment with Bayesian Networks"

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AgenaRisk Enterprise

Once you have developed your risk models the natural next step is to deploy them as part of an enterprise level risk application for use throughout your organisation. AgenaRisk Enterprise contains all the features of AgenaRisk Desktop but is designed specifically to meet this crucial requirement by providing a software development kit with a number of key components which build on the features and benefits of the desktop version.

The AgenaRisk Java application program interface (API) is a set of routines for building and executing AgenaRisk models. The API is designed for use by programmers to makes it easier to develop a bespoke implementation of AgenaRisk or to integrate AgenaRisk into an application. Example functions available in the Java API include:

Model class

  • Create model
  • Delete Model
  • Calculate Model
  • Link Models

Risk Object class

  • Add node
  • Delete node
  • Remove Evidence
  • Regenerate NPTs

Node class

  • Add child/parent
  • Set NPT (expressions and manual)
  • Get Risk Graph
  • Enter Evidence
  • Set Node (Input/Output)
  • Copy node
  • Add constant

State class

  • Create Continuous state
  • Create Interval state
  • Create Labelled state
  • Create Real state
Maintenance Policy

AgenaRisk Enterprise is now sold on a subsrciption basis only. For the duration of your subscription, you are entitled to:

  • Free technical support via email. Technical support is available for software installation, resolving software errors and assisting with software operation. Technical support is not designed for building models from scratch, model de-bugging or AgenaRisk training. These services may be obtained separately from Agena’s Training and Consulting team.
  • An unlimited number of incidents.
  • Guaranteed response within one business day.
  • Free maintenance updates and major upgrades of AgenaRisk Enterprise.