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Agena Newsletter Number 11

AgenaRisk: Bayesian Network and Simulation Technology for Risk Analysis and Decision Support

AgenaRisk Professional Version 6.2 released 20 January 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 6.2 of AgenaRisk - a powerful but intuitive tool for modelling, analysing and predicting risk using risk maps, otherwise known as Bayesian networks. Its simulation capabilities go beyond Monte Carlo methods.

AgenaRisk 6.2 Improvements, bug fixes and open issues


  • Java 8 compatible and Java 8 JRE bundled with Macintosh and Windows versions
  • Faster calculation time for larger models
  • Sensitivity analysis accuracy improved
  • Tornado graphs updated for continuous nodes so that labels make more sense.
  • XML export now exports expressions only for continuous simulation nodes
  • New simulation algorithm (incorporating a technique called "simulation deceleration ") achieves greater accuracy and also avoids the problem of large models running out of memory

Main Bug Fixes

  • Model linking with ranked nodes is now possible again (this bug was introduced in version 6.1)
  • Propagation failure no longer occurs when using uniform distributions in a partitioned table
  • Partitioned NPT no longer switches order when states are edited.

Open Issues: See here

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