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Fenton and Neil's book: "Risk Assessment with Bayesian Networks"

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Agena offers its customers a variety of consulting services:
  • Model building, implementation and validation

  • Prototyping systems

  • Enterprise level applications development and integration services

Agena has a very agile approach to solution development which means we can remain flexible in our response to customer' needs and provide expert, customised solutions on time and within budget.

Applications using AgenaRisk often start with a critical risk assessment problem:

When a major bank in South Africa needed to make more accurate assessments of operational risk throughout its financial organisation it used AgenaRisk to incorporate the small amounts of relevant historical loss data, with more subjective data about processes and controls. The solution was able to integrate seamlessly with the organisation's existing data and IT structure.

Consulting Benefits

  • True customisation of AgenaRisk for your specific business requirements;

  • Access to an experienced team with knowledge of the importance of process and methodology in building credible, efficient and scalable models

  • An experienced consultancy team which has delivered customised consulting services to clients across the globe;

  • Tight on people, time, resources? We can develop the solution - saving your company time and money;

  • Do not need to hire expensive statisticians / AI experts to implement the solution;

  • Correctly and consistently apply risk and decision analysis throughout your organisation.

To find out more about Agena's Consulting Services contact:

Ed Tranham, Commercial Director
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7404 9722