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More cost effective project tender bidding assessment


  • Major projects (especially government and military) require a complex tender process resulting in the need for expensive assessment to determine the most suitable contractor
  • The decision making process is often ad-hoc, riddled with inconsistencies, non-repeatable and lacking visibility
  • It often leads to poor choices and unreliable, expensive solutions
  • A number of Agena's clients (ranging from government defence organizations through to electronics and software companies) have faced the same general problem


  • AgenaRisk risk maps bring visibility and auditability to the tender assessment process by making all assumptions about evaluation criteria (and the relationships between them) explicit
  • AgenaRisk enables you to combine quantitative information about each tender bid (such as reliability and price) with qualitative information (such as process quality and reputation)


  • More accurate: You can more reliably identify bids that are likely to provide poor project results, and generally predict with greater accuracy the likely project result that any bidder would produce
  • More cost effective: By being able to reject poor bids quickly and with greater confidence you save time and money by focusing on the better bids
  • More objective: the inevitable qualitative judgements are accommodated but their impact is made explicit, while you also make maximum use of any quantitative information that might be available
  • More transparent, consistent and repeatable: Once you have created the risk map that captures the key criteria and their relationships, all assumptions about each bid are entered into the same map