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You are here: Home » Case Studies » Deciding obsolescence strategies for vehicle fleets

Deciding obsolescence strategies for vehicle fleets


  • Modern vehicles (especially military ones) increasingly use complex electronic components that are often obsolete before the vehicle fleet leaves the production line
  • The requirement for a sensible strategy on handling component obsolescence is therefore becoming a critical concern for fleet owners
  • The wrong strategy could have catastrophic impacts on whole-life-cost or fleet reliability
  • Agena's defence contractor client needed a method for determining obsolescence strategies for an arbitrary vehicle architecture


  • The AgenaRisk solution involved automatically generating a class of risk maps directly from a description of the vehicle architecture
  • The aggregated risk map provides an integrated analysis of cost-benefit options for sub-systems over multiple platforms affected by obsolete components


  • AgenaRisk predicts optimum number of spares and fleet levels for different usage and attrition profiles
  • AgenaRisk minimises whole life costs and ranks the most cost-effective options
  • AgenaRisk accounts for the effects of systems integration, COTS and supply chain fragility
  • AgenaRisk identifies the causes of increased cost and poorer quality