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Fenton and Neil's book: "Risk Assessment with Bayesian Networks"

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About Us

Company Overview

Agena is a provider of state-of-the-art risk analysis and decision support software. It was formed in 1998 on the back of a body of widely respected academic research carried out by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil. This research focused on the use of large-scale Bayesian networks in a range of different domains.

Until 2003, Agena's expertise was transferred to customers through consultancy exercises and by developing bespoke decision support tools. In 2003, Agena completed the process of encoding its experience and knowledge in a single software tool called AgenaRisk.

Since 2003, AgenaRisk has been evolving in usability, power and flexibility. Agena continues to develop the product to meet customer needs while supporting AgenaRisk users via training and consultancy.

Senior Management

  • Nic Birtles, Chairman

    Nic has been in the IT industry for over 40 years and has run European Operations for companies such as Comshare, Ingres and GUPTA. He went on to become Head of Worldwide Sales & Operations for GUPTA and then Chief Executive of Constellar, a UK/US Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Software Company. Apart from guiding Agena’s strategy, Nic has special responsibility for developing synergistic partnerships with major software vendors.

  • Professor Norman Fenton, Director

    A world-renowned academic and chartered engineer, Norman co-founded Agena to exploit the commercial opportunities arising from his research with Martin Neil into the use of Bayesian Networks in risk management. Norman is a part-time Professor at Queen Mary, University of London where he is head of the Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis Research Group. Norman has published 7 books and over 200 referred articles and has provided consulting to many major companies world-wide. His 2012 book with Martin Neil was the first to bring Bayesian networks to a general audience. Norman's current projects are focused on using Bayesian methods for improved legal reasoning and improved medical decision making. In addition to his research on risk assessment, Norman is  renowned  for his work in software engineering (including pioneering work on software metrics); the  third edition of his book “Software Metrics: A Rigorous and  Practical  Approach” was published in November 2014.

  • Professor Martin Neil, Director

    Martin is a joint founder of Agena Ltd and holds a part-time Professorship in Computer Science and Statistics at the Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London, where he teaches decision and risk analysis and software engineering. He is also a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey. Martin has over twenty years experience in academic research, teaching, consulting, systems development and project management and has published or presented over 70 papers in refereed journals and at major conferences. Before setting up Agena and joining academia Martin previously held senior positions with JP Morgan and Lloyds Register in the areas of software project governance and safety critical systems evaluation respectively. Martin earned a BSc in Mathematics, a PhD in Statistics and Software Metrics and is a Chartered Engineer.

  • Ed Tranham, CFO

    Ed has a track record in starting and growing businesses. In 1997 he co-founded Optimus Publishing a subscription based newsletter company which was sold in May 2000 to AIM listed Electric Word PLC. On acquisition, Ed was appointed to the PLC Board and was responsible for the accelerated growth in the Optimus Division through organic developments and acquisitions. As Agena’s CFO, Ed is responsible for the commercial management of the company.

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