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Fenton and Neil's book: "Risk Assessment with Bayesian Networks" (published Nov 2012)

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AgenaRisk uses the latest developments from the field of artificial intelligence and visualisation to solve complex, risky problems.

AgenaRisk enables decision-makers to measure and compare different risks in a way that is repeatable and auditable. The AgenaRisk solution includes predictive analytics and scales up to organisational-level risk monitoring and assessment. It is ideal for risk scenario planning.

Used across a number of industry sectors including banking, defence, aerospace, energy, telecoms and technology, AgenaRisk provides decision support solutions that include:
  • Operational risk
  • Business continuity
  • Strategic planning and investment decision making
  • Management of complex projects
  • Procurement of critical military assets
  • Ensuring the safety and reliability of critical systems

Profs. Martin Neil and Norman Fenton have trained and advised dozens of organisations in different industries on how best to model risk and uncertainty using Bayesian Networks. If you are interesting in engaging their consulting services, whether it is for a feasibility study, in-house training, coaching or problem analysis and modeling please contact